Sunday, August 21, 2016

Day 9.224: Exile #2's Sunday Column #119

Exile #2 writes...

High school sports are already kicking off, even before the school term begins (did we say sport is a serious business here?). We don't have a competitive sportsperson in the house but karate has already resumed for Exile #4, and Exile #3 is out this evening auditioning for her dance school's junior company.

She is also counting down the days until she starts High School. Her first day of school is August 31st, almost a week before the other young Exiles go back. Her timetable/schedule arrived this week, and she swiftly disappeared to begin texting her friends. Tomorrow we take delivery of a fancy and surprisingly expensive graphing calculator that she has to have for math, and supply lists will follow later (we've already stocked up on notebooks, binders, and folders with prongs for the others). To add to the excitement/trauma of the first day, she will be having her school photo taken, along with a photo of the whole intake - the class of 2020 as they will be. I'll leave you to insert your own vision-related comment here.

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