Sunday, August 28, 2016

Day 9.231: Exile #2's Sunday Column #120

Exile #2 writes...

For day 3 of the staycation, it was time to balance out the city excitements of Boston with somewhere a little greener. We decided to revisit Bradbury Mountain, which is a relatively gentle hike but has a fairly decent view at the summit. It was a warm ascent, but much of the hike was shady and there were some pleasant breezes here and there.

We stopped for a tasty lunch at the cheekily named Buck's Naked BBQ, but Exile #1's real ambition for the afternoon was to get into Portland for some of the limited run Wild Maine Blueberry Sorbetto at our favorite, Gelato Fiasco. To justify this indulgence, we parked at the top of the town and walked in along the promenade, which was bustling with bikers and walkers.

Everyone's attention was on the frankly enormous cruise ship that was in dock. We stood for a while and watched people on board climbing on a rock wall. Up on the top deck, a giant arm kept lifting an observation pod high above the ship.

Mostly, however, we stared at the astonishing number of cabins and tried to guess how many people were aboard. About 3,500 turns out. Fortunately, they were getting ready to set sail again so they weren't in Gelato Fiasco. The blueberry sorbetto was though, and the small taste I had of it was delicious.

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