Friday, January 20, 2017

Day 10.010: This accumulated poison

I'm sad today for this country that we have called home for the last ten years. Not because a Republican has won the presidency, or because of who he is, or because they have control over Congress or even because of what they will do with that power (although much of that scares me especially for my friends who are black or gay or immigrants or poor or sick or several of those).

No, I am sad because we have come to this because of lies. So many lies. Lies told by candidate Trump to people to get them to vote for him, lies told by his supporters about his opponent(s), lies told by his opponents that gave openings for partially truthful attacks on them...

Each acid drop sours the sweetness
A little goes a long way
How much will be needed to dilute this accumulated poison?

And if what is broken can't be mended
What is left of us?
Every piece is broken further until it turns to dust

I am also hopeful.

We could keep each other bright
Pass the glow to one another
As the breath keeps us alive
I will warm you when you grow cold
If you'll warm me when I'm tired

Incidentally, Exile #2 wrote those words in italics, but they capture my feelings perfectly today. You can download the whole album here.

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  1. Lies, insults, borderline treason; mockery of people, the system, and the norms; and all of it with impunity. Apparently we have to go through this however long or short it lasts so we learn not to let it happen again.


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