Sunday, January 29, 2017

Day 10.019: Exile #2's Sunday Column #161

Exile #2 writes...

It was a slightly subdued morning at HopeGateWay, with everyone a little shaken by the past week. As usual, many present were from the immigrant community. We were aware that at least one friend would have been affected by the travel ban, had he not recently become a citizen. We heard from a government worker, who reminded us of the difficult position in which her some of her co-workers now find themselves, having to enact policies that they consider unjust.

Picture of a special event at our church today from the public Facebook page.

E5N1 did his own bit of wrestling with the week's current events for a piece of homework. In the morning he interviewed a church member who moved to Maine from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Then, in the afternoon he pulled it all together into a piece of writing about the policy and its effects. E5N1 is a citizen. But he reflected that, even though the rest of us have permanent resident status, had we been born in one of the listed countries, we could now find ourselves unable to re-enter the country. It is a sobering reminder of what is happening right now.

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