Sunday, January 22, 2017

Day 10.012: Exile #2's Sunday Column #160

Exile #2 writes... 

Due to a prior commitment, we were unable to take part in the local Women's March yesterday, but were thrilled later on to see news reports and photos from marches all over the world. This morning we met up with many local friends who had participated in Portland, Kennebunk, the state capital, Augusta, and Boston. Many of our New York friends had headed into Albany, whilst others went to New York City. In our Facebook feeds we saw friends taking part in Florida, Colorado, and California, and a selection had made it to Washington DC. Even tiny Monhegan Island off the coast of Maine, with a winter population of about 70 people, held an event. Everywhere the numbers exceeded expectation, and the marches were peaceful. The Boston Police Department even issued a statement thanking participants for their respectful behavior.

Photo via Flickr user mobili - licensed under Creative Commons (thanks!)
Although it is uncertain what the long term impact of the march will be, there is a renewed sense of courage and determination to stand with those who are feeling vulnerable in the current political climate.

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