Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Day 9.359: Snowshoeing at Fuller Farm

Here (at last) are the photos from our snowshoeing adventure at Fuller Farm on New Years Eve.

1) Goofing around. Things to note: the wide flooded area - the ice was very securely thick, E5N1's eschewing of his snowshoes for a good part of the walk (we were mostly appreciative of them although we could have passed without them), Exile #3's relaxing face-plant!

2) On the way to (and from) the woods. Things to note: The area where bent-double trees made a slalom out of a wide open area, Exile #4 striding into the sun-set/rise/who-cares-at-this-time-of-year, snow!

2) In the woods. Things to note: it was amazingly beautiful!

4) At the waterfall. Things to note - there really is a photo of the waterfall here somewhere!

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