Friday, August 11, 2017

Day 10.213: Atlantic Daylight Time

There is a movement in Maine to have our time zone changed to match our across-the-water neighbors in Nova Scotia who are on Atlantic Standard Time year-round which is the same as Eastern Daylight Time. This would mean that Maine would stick with our summer time offset for the whole year and avoid the twice-a-year torture of the hour shift.

This afternoon, we set out on our vacation road trip journey to Nova Scotia. We had thought we would make the trip as far as our overnight in Fredericton New Brunswick after my normal work day was over but we were a bit concerned that the border crossing and rush hour traffic would threaten our ability to make it to the University of New Brunswick before their office closed at 11 pm so I took the afternoon off so we could have a more relaxed journey. In the end we got away around 2 pm and it took us about five and a half hours. However, we did not arrive at 7:30 pm but at 8:30 pm because New Brunswick spends the summer on Atlantic Daylight Time. Just as well we allowed some extra time!

We are now settling down to spend the night in a three bedroom student apartment - which is rather a good arrangement and fairly inexpensive compared with even a single hotel room. E5N1 is the most significant beneficiary - in a hotel room he usually has an air mattress on the floor. Here he has a large bed to himself in his own room!

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