Sunday, August 20, 2017

Day 10.222: Exile #2's Sunday Column #189

Exile #2 writes...

Before we left for our trip, I was feeling a little nervous. We hadn't camped in a tent for as long as a week before. The weather was looking, shall we say, uncertain, and as I figured out how we might spend our time, it became clear that we would be camping in a very quiet area, with the nearest restaurants 20-30 mins away and most things even further. Also, we had made it clear to the kids that, with no electric hookups at the pitch site, phones and devices would be off limits for the week.

However, our vacation was quite, quite lovely. Our location put us within driving distance of three Canadian provinces, and in amongst a interesting blend of cultures. The Northumberland coast, where we were, was heavily influenced by the Scots. But even a short way west, in what was known as Acadia, we found a thriving French culture and many French speakers. Prince Edward Island was, not surprisingly, quite British, and so we had fish and chips to celebrate.

There were farm animals and wild animals galore. We laughed a lot, slowed right down, and relished not hearing the news for a week. Other highlights included: stocking up on British sweets/candy, and the famously-banned-in-the-US Kinder eggs, the niceness of Canadians, and a great shower block with lovely hot showers!

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