Saturday, August 26, 2017

Day 10.228: Nova Scotia trip recap - day 6

On Wednesday, we added a third province to our tally for the trip - by crossing the amazing Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island. The day started with a visit to the park at the New Brunswick end of the bridge. We enjoyed the views of the bridge and walked the trails to the lighthouse which is being renovated. We amused ourselves by noticing that someone was apparently moving house to Prince Edward Island (bottom right).

The bird was flying near an osprey nest and we assumed that it was another osprey until I looked closer at the photos and realised it was an immature northern harrier.

On PEI, we headed to Charlottetown - the capital and largest city in the province. We enjoyed fish and chips at a fiercely English restaurant (complete with sign to "The Loos"). We walked the charming streets and the kids celebrated Canada's sesquicentennial and E5N1 tried some Ninja Warrior moves.

As the middle of the afternoon arrived, rain was threatening. Fortunately, we timed things rather well (thanks to Exile #2's excellent planning and a little good luck) and popped into the Confederation Centre of the Arts where we missed the rain - and enjoyed the art.

The pictures in the middle are a work that first caught our eye because of its marvelous shadow, but we loved even more when we realised it was made out of breakfast cereal. At the bottom is the exhibit which has two other identical installations - in Newfoundland and in Alberta. Because each has a video camera and three screens showing the stream from each, E5N1 found he could wave and pull faces at gallery visitors in Edmonton and see them return some at him.

E5N1 also liked the work in the top right and encouraged me to see if it was a working QR code. When I pointed my phone at it it displayed this:

which is slightly less ominous when you discover it is the name of the work.

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