Monday, August 21, 2017

Day 10.223: Eclipsed

I was at work this afternoon when the moon took a chunk out of the sun. At one time, we had planned a road-trip to the path of the totality, but Exile #3's dance schedule made the timing difficult - hence our road-trip north last week (more recaps coming soon!).

This was the best picture I took when I stepped outside briefly near to the peak time for our partial solar eclipse:

It was a top-tip from a guest on NPR to look at the shadows of trees. Exile #2 saw a similar sight at home:

She also arranged a very simple pinhole camera with E5N1 - with just two paper plates:

which did a pretty nice job:

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  1. I remember the 'look under the trees' ploy from a partial,eclipse here some years ago


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