Thursday, August 24, 2017

Day 10.226: Nova Scotia trip recap - day 4

Our next trip was to fulfill my main ambition for the vacation - to witness the Bay of Fundy tides. By a mixture of luck, planning and determination, we ended up being in Parrsboro at both low and high tide.

The town is really cute - including some unusual street furniture, signs and tiny houses built to fill gaps between the regular sized ones - fortunately, one piece of street furniture was magically able to shrink E5N1 to the right size for the tiny homes.

We also had a good time at the Geological Museum - even if Exile #4 couldn't help being slightly freaked out by the giant millipede - an obviously plastic replica of a prehistoric creature. We were all a bit uncertain about the incredibly ugly dinosaur outside (but we still took a selfie!):

From there we headed up to the Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy (FORCE) visitor center where we found out about the progress of plans to create electricity from the powerful tides. Pictured below: a view from the long dirt road, Exile #4 with hair by Exile #3, the center with an idea of its views of the bay, our dinner (later back at the camp) and Exile #4 realising that her new hair made her significantly taller than Exile #2:

From there we watched the tide rising (you could tell just by watching for a couple of minutes) - this whole sequence was only an hour and ten minutes:

It was not quite high tide when we made it back into town to take the "after" photos, but you can definitely get an impression:

Mission accomplished!

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