Friday, August 25, 2017

Day 10.227: Nova Scotia trip recap - day 5

With the promise of the best weather of the week and after few days with a significant amounts of driving, we decided to have a stay-at-"home" day and returned - via the trails - to the beach at the park where we were camping. It certainly looked different on a sunny morning than on the post-rain dreary evening of our first visit.

We had read before our trip that this coast has the warmest ocean water north of the Carolinas. It didn't really feel that way on Saturday evening - when a few of us dipped our toes in, but on Tuesday it lived up to its billing. We waded in the clear and very pleasantly warm water. Exile #4 and I swam and later, E5N1 found that the beach pools were even warmer - pretty much bath temperature - and proceeded to bathe!

E5N1 was taken with this two-tone rock he found that seemed to be mirroring the colours of the beach and sea:

We saw a lot of wildlife: a fly-by from a bald eagle, a lot of semi-palmated plovers, an unidentified gull with fairly distinctive looking features (possibly an immature black-headed gull?), and many things seen in the amazingly clear and warm shallows - lots of hermit crabs and also (not pictured) - shrimp, schools of small fish, some small flat fish and some larger crabs).

In the evening we went out for dinner just over the border in New Brunswick, and as we were returning, we briefly stopped at Baie Verte Park where we admired the views while E5N1 played for a while

and then we were treated to some fancy flying from an osprey - which patrolled and hovered, but did not appear to have any luck while we watched:

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