Monday, June 6, 2016

Day 9.148: Kennebunk Beach Classic 5K

Not much to report from my race yesterday. Conditions were close to perfect for this time of year - cloudy, a bit of sea fog, maybe 60 °F. The course is fast - a few small rolling hills during the second half, but nothing too drastic.

I was maybe 30 seconds off my ideal time but considering the short period of time I had to recover fully from the marathon and then start to get some training in, I'll call it a success. I was seventh across the line (5th male) - and fifth male in the age-graded results (after removing the three fastest overall). The age graded results were dominated by fast older people and fast teenagers, so it was good to represent for the not-too-old guys!

As I mentioned in my editor's note yesterday, I won a gift card spinning the lucky Dunkin' Donuts wheel. The young lady who was supervising it was a real ambassador for the company - keeping her enthusiasm and cheering every spin and every prize from young and old alike for at least two hours:

That job is not my idea of fun - I was much happier running the race!

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