Saturday, June 18, 2016

Day 9.160: Dance recital day

Today was the day of Exile #3 and E5N1's dance recital. We went to the first of the two performances and it was a wonderful celebration of dance. It started with a short ballet telling of the Cinderella story (complete with tiny mice and even tinier blue birds - the youngest ballet class and the preschool pre-ballet class). This was followed by a great moment as Exile #3's hip-hop class walked on in their hoodies looking like they had come to put a stop to all the classical music and tutus, and that's just what they did. The rest of the night ranged from more hip-hop courtesy of E5N1 and his friends to a beautiful modern piece (Exile #3 again) with tap and jazz in between (the latter was an excellent number about youngsters and their mobile technology obsessions). The performance ended with the student company (Exile #3's third performance) whose floor-scrubbing 1940's-style piece that they have been performing for several months was looking quite polished (no pun intended).

After we dropped them back for the afternoon performance, we took Exile #4 to buy her belated birthday present. Actually very belated because we first intended to buy her a new bike two years ago, but she ended up with a hand-me-down instead. Yes that happened.

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