Friday, June 24, 2016

Day 9.166: Good friends

We woke to the shock news of the result of the Brexit vote and it cast a shadow over the first part of the day as we tried to soak up the news or avoid seeing any more news depending on our characters. Later in the day, we did a pretty good job of putting it out of our minds as we got together with our good friends B, C & D.

It had been just about two years since we last saw them (when the visited us as newly moved-in residents of Maine). Today, we were on their home turf in Abingdon where we enjoyed some outdoor dining (very European of us) and briefly visited the free museum (Abingdon County Hall Museum) - the three right and lower photos are of the inside and outside of the museum. We were sitting just across the square.

We had a lovely time, picking up - as the best of friends can - without feeling the intervening time, and were sad to say goodbye after a lovely but all-too-short visit:

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