Sunday, June 19, 2016

Day 9.161: Exile #2's Sunday Column #112

Exile #2 writes...

After a busy day of dancing yesterday, we decided to snuggle down and watch Zootopia [a.k.a Zootropolis] together in the evening. It may have been a kids movie but it had big (and pertinent) things to say about diversity and prejudice and managed to be very funny whilst doing so. It got a thumbs up all round.

Getting up to celebrate Father's Day this morning was a bit of a struggle. Still, the young Exiles managed to present Exile #1 with cards, presents and breakfast in a slightly monosyllabic way. There was no time to hang around, however, because we had agreed to help lead a new song in church and needed some practice. But here is a picture of Exile #1 sporting his newest medal (courtesy of E5N1), one that he's been in training for for 14 years as of tomorrow (but more of that to follow...).

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