Thursday, June 16, 2016

Day 9.158: There may be TRBL ahead...

We had a (planned) power outage at work today, which means we got sent home early - no complaints were heard on this beautiful day - also the first full day of the school vacation for the local kids (like ours). I was one of the last to leave and glanced at the alarm panel that was beeping:

The afternoon included watching the England vs Wales match in the Euro 2016 group stage. This is a difficult event for us - as I said to my Welsh wife as the game was starting - either one or both of us would be unhappy by the end. Sure enough, my prediction came true.

On a less conflicted note, there was flying:

which went rather well.

Now I have to remember that it's not the weekend yet and I need to be up for work in the morning.

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