Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Day 9.023: From hairy to super-skinny

Sunday was his glory day. I asked the kids what his name was and neither of them had an answer until, after quite a while, they both spoke at once: "Bob/Harry" they said. Well, "Bob Harry" doesn't sound right I suggested, but "Harry Bob" might work.

"Hairy Bob!" Exile #4 proposed. And it stuck.

This is how his week has gone so far:

  1. Monday morning.
  2. Quick fix!
  3. Monday lunchtime.
  4. A few minutes later.
  5. When he got home from school, E5N1 didn't even say hello, he went straight out the back to fix up the now renamed "Skinny Bob". I took this when I got home from work.
  6. Not too bad this morning after a chilly night.
  7. Sunshine is not Skinny Bob's friend.
  8. This evening - Super-skinny Bob is just about holding his own.

Tomorrow is expected to bring rain, so I think the end is nigh.

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