Saturday, February 13, 2016

Day 9.034: Winter - making a late run

I took this on Tuesday after our latest fall of snow:

Honestly it was something of a relief to get some winter weather when it arrived in mid-January and although it's been nothing like the relentless storm-after-storm we had last year, it's been enough to make the place pretty.

Now comes the first really serious cold of the season. Tonight the temperature is expected to drop to -7°F (-22°C) with a NW wind meaning the wind-chill adjusted temperature will be -27°F (-33°C). It won't be much warmer when I'm due to go out for my run.

On Friday the National Weather Service issued a special weather statement warning us against heading to the mountains this weekend. It included a wind-chill adjusted temperature of -70°F (-57°C). Once it gets to the point where the temperatures look less shocking in °C you know it's cold!

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