Sunday, February 21, 2016

Day 9.042: Exile #2's Sunday Column #95

Exile #2 writes...

We've come to the end of a relaxing vacation. I've built endless Lego scenarios with E5N1, the latest being a cookie factory.

There have been play dates and projects, plenty of board games (some home made), a bit of soaking in the almost spring-like sun, plus a movie or two. Exile #1 even got a day off, although the effects of that were somewhat diminished by his day trip to Philadelphia.

E5N1 has kept us amused, although not always intentionally. At dinner the other day, Exile #3 (who is becoming a bit of a punctuation pedant) was holding forth about colons. I think some mention may have been made of the "grammar police", and jokingly (I think) whether there needed to be government regulation of punctuation use. E5N1 chimed in "What, like the Department of Commas?" We all laughed appreciatively, at which he looked a little confused. "No, like the Department of Commas." He seemed insistent, as if this was a real thing. There was a moment while the cogs whirred, and then we realized, he meant the Department of Commerce.


  1. I think "the Department of Commas" is the best mis-hearing I've heard of in quite some time!

    1. We were laughing very hard for quite a while.

    2. So, was a Maine or UK pronunciation the culprit??? Which word, which way?


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