Monday, February 22, 2016

Day 9.043: Master of trains

Exile #2, Exile #3 and I had a game of Ticket to Ride (UK edition) on Saturday. None of us had a bad game, but it's safe to say that Exile #3's game went particularly well. She was quite pleased:

She scored more than 100 points more than Exile #2 which means she lapped her on the scoreboard and completed all ten of the route cards she kept - including many high scoring ones:

To put that in context, I spent the whole game completing just five.


  1. we played this for the first time with friends a fortnight ago. US version so i got a rather confused. good fun!

    1. We usually play the US version - this UK version is a fan creation, downloaded from the interwebs played with the parts from the real set.


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