Sunday, February 28, 2016

Day 9.049: Exile #2's Sunday Column #96

Exile #2 writes...

It was the swiftest of flying visits, leaving early on Saturday and heading home this morning, but we had a lovely time eating, playing and chatting with some of our Albany friends (sadly not all, because time was so short). 

A few things had changed, but not too much. We did a quick drive-by of our former home, which has been spruced up a little. We were slightly surprised to see it sporting a festive plastic flamingo. Though I guess it's good to know they are continuing our tradition of keeping Christmas decorations up well into the New Year. 

The thing I noticed most was that it felt much easier to leave this time around, and although our old town still seemed familiar, it no longer felt like home. I think that's a good sign

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