Saturday, February 20, 2016

Day 9.041: Pine Point Beach

Exile #4 spent the afternoon with a friend, so the rest of us went out for a walk on the beach. We shunned our normal haunts to visit Pine Point Beach. I'd been there on a couple of long runs, but it was new to everyone else. Of course, it's not really a different beach, just the far end of the stretch of sand most famous for Old Orchard Beach.

We saw some interesting sights including a man kite surfing (bottom right below) and another on a sulky (mid left). Also, for some reason, the high tide line was made up of almost exclusively large clam shells (below the sulky).

We also saw a clam shell that was still occupied in a small pool on the beach. My guess is that one of the many gulls will probably have found it in the several hours before the tide came to its rescue.

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